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17-Apr-2014, 18:36:36

Old School RuneScape
Based on RS 2006 and RS 2007

A 2006 to 2007 RuneScape Server
317 Webclient
24/7 Stable RSPS
Great Economy Server
x30 XP Rate (Low Rate)

In-Game/On-Site High Scores
Superior Combat
Bandos GW & More

Slayer Tower

Global RSPS News

03-Apr 12:01: Server update out will be out this weekend!
01-Apr, 00:00: It's the start of a new month, so could you please vote for the server!
17-Jan, 18:01: Click here if you are having problem with Java's new security settings blocking the webclient. Start from the text in red as this is the most common problem.
10-Mar, 00:58: If you can't log in to the server due to the max connection bug. Wait 15 seconds and try again--you will be able to log back in.

Latest RSPS News

Christmas Event! Marionettes!

29-Dec-2013, 05:09

The Christmas event is finally on at 00:30 today. The event will end after the 04-Jan. Be sure to complete it before the crates are gone!

2013 Christmas Event

Talk to Santa who is just North of Varrock fountain to get started...

Happy holidays!
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Staff Improvements and More

09-Dec-2013, 03:36

Hello, this update was mainly for improving enforcement of the rules.

In-game mods finally have some better commands. All jails are now IP jails. Also, mods can now temporarily IP mute players for 4 hours.

There is now an in-game admin position which Sit has taken up! Along with mod commands, admins can remove IP jails, remove temporary IP mutes, temporarily ban players, and temporarily IP ban players. The temporary player and IP bans last 5 days.

Improved the...

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Clue Scrolls

03-Dec-2013, 00:35

Writing Topic...

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Halloween Event!

01-Nov-2013, 18:09

The Halloween event started earlier today at 07:38! The event will end at the end of 04-Nov. Be sure to complete it before it's too late!

2013 Halloween Event

To start the event, go and talk to the Ghost Disciple at the centre of Varrock. Collect the 7 pumpkins scattered around Varrock for the Ghost Disciple by digging on the Ghosts with your s...

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The Last Crammed Update Topic

07-Aug-2013, 10:42

Hello, as you know, I'm finally starting to get a little momentum with the updates! This is the last crammed update topic which means that all future forum update topics will be in sync with website and in-game update--not like this one which contains all the updates from 15-May to now.

King Black Dragon Dies Peacefully

This is the basic sum...

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